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Mr. V.K. Kaarthik founded our Colorific Aqua Garden in 1989. At first the main activity was breeding Guppy for the Regional market (India). After a visit to "Aquarama'97" the same year we started our guppy hatchery in a large scale.Now, Colorific Aqua Garden is located at Chennai City (Formally Madras) with a hatchery farmland of 19,200 sq. Feet. We breed an average of 10000 male Guppies per month. . In India we are one and only Guppy Hatchery


Aquarium is the second largest hobby in the world next to photography. After the gold fish, the guppy is considered the most popular fish kept in home aquariums around the world. The beginner sees the guppy as a colorful addition to their aquarium. Scientifically, the guppy is described as a small, active, carnivorous, freshwater fish, Poecilia reticulata, belonging to the topminnow family Poeciliidae. It was named in honor of the Trinidadian ichthyologist R.J. Lechemere Guppy.

It is the male Guppy, which is often kept in aquariums because of its brilliant coloration. There have been some studies indicating that an aquarium of fish has a calming effect on hectic office atmospheres. An aquarium also plays a vital role in human behavior science in eliminating stress in once life. Therefore in this modern civilization decorating an aquarium in home as well as in office plays a vital role in stress management.

So pet fish may be easy to obtain, taking care of them is still a task which should be met with a firm sense of responsibility. After all, by having any pet in your part of life, you are taking on the charge of another life or lives. Such a commitment should not be taken lightly, even if you're talking about " just a fish". You should also be sure that your fish is sturdy. You can determine this by careful examination 

 Our wholesaling department covers numerous retail outlets. Daily orders by regular customers contribute significantly to our company's growth and market standing.

Our present criteria are entering the export market of guppies. We are in a consolidated state of exporting about 5000 RIBBON TAIL male guppies in a single consignment. Therefore our R&D of genetically breeding techniques in producing high quality stains will certainly satisfy customer demandsFor breeding the initial consideration is space. It is true that guppies are easy to breed compared to other fishes. Guppies are mainly bred for quantity and color is one of the reasons being so popular. The essential principles to be followed in breeding are to have a natural Eco-system that is a nature setting of environment for breeding of guppies. Since you should remember that any animal in captivity will lead to low breeding rate. 

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